About us

Southern Fried Couture boutique was founded with the vision that every woman is beautiful regardless of their size and shape.

Most of us know that many women have struggled over the years with self confidence and self love for their bodies and their shape.

Our founder Tiffany has over the years herself struggled with making sure that she loves herself and her body regardless of her size and shape. She has ranged from sizes from an 8/10 and all the way up to size 22/24 so she understands the complexity that most women are faced with when it comes to finding just the right fit

Our belief is that every woman should be able to style in the latest trends regardless of size and know that they are just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

After many searches for just the right fit not only in clothes but for our wallet as well we decided that now is the time to start a place that everyone could find the latest looks for just the right price.


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